We are a storytelling studio and production company specialized in creating and producing high-quality innovative content and entertainment, making both original and commissioned works. We turn ideas into stories, characters and worlds into films, campaigns, products and content for every media platform and format.

As creators we know the power of engaging stories, from the Bible to "fake news", those are the narratives that connect people, bonding us together as mankind or tearing us apart into separate nations. People are driven by stories, the ability to create them and pass them on is what define us as humans.

We team up and connect some of the most talented artists and professionals of the entertainment industry to create and tell the most inspiring stories and visual narratives.

Handquarters is headed by the Eisner Award recipient, comic book artist, film director and screenwriter Rafael Grampá as creative director who is joined by transmedia entrepreneur and former Resfest Brazil creative director Carlos Farinha, as creative executive producer and Justin Townsend as international affairs executive producer. As part of its creative team, the company has talented artists of international acclaim such as the five-time Eisner Award recipient, comic book artist Paul Pope and Brazilian animation director and illustrator Daniel Semanas, awarded in 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Handquarters has been working with brands and clients like Chanel, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Budweiser, DC/Warner, Nike and Lollapalooza, besides being an incubator for its own original content and partnerships, like the recent collaboration with Brazilian production company RT Features, from producer Rodrigo Teixeira, responsible for the critically acclaimed feature film "The Witch" and "Call Me By Your Name"






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